Our experts lead our teams across Asia Pacific to support our clients with making critical decisions that benefit their business.

Chris Riquier

CEO Asia Pacific

Chris leads TNS’s research teams across 18 countries, including some of the most dynamic markets in the world today.

Chris Bonsi

Chief Client and Insights Officer, Asia Pacific

Chris is responsible for delivering TNS’s strategy in APAC and ensuring that our insights deliver business impact for clients.

Nitin Nishandar

Regional Managing Director, Brand & Communication, Asia Pacific

Nitin leads a team of experts across the region as they advise clients on strengthening their brands, increasing the effectiveness of communications campaigns and ultimately, driving sales.

Tara Prabhakar

Regional Managing Director, Shopper, Asia Pacific

Tara leads the Shopper Insights and Consulting business across 16 APAC markets and sits on the Global Operations Board for Kantar Retail.

Serena Jacob

Managing Director, TNS Qualitative, Asia Pacific

Serena is responsible for strengthening TNS’s qualitative capabilities across the region.

Ray Crook

Managing Director, Innovation & Product Development, Asia Pacific

Ray specialises in improving the success rates of new launches, getting new products to enter the market quicker whilst achieving better return on

Guillaume Saint

Managing Director, Automotive, Asia Pacific

Guillaume is responsible for TNS’s Automotive practice for the Asia Pacific region where he is instrumental in driving growth, expertise, innovative thinking and best practice.

Poonam Kumar

Regional Director, Brand Strategy, Asia Pacific

Poonam works on guiding both global and local clients to create sustainable, relevant brand strategies in emerging markets.

Alice Louw

Brand & Communications Director, Asia Pacific

Alice has more than a decade of global research experience, specialising in brand and communications expertise.

Paul Durant

Regional Finance Director, Asia Pacific

Paul is responsible for the overall financial management of the Asia Pacific region.

Narelle Burke

Human Resources Director, Asia Pacific

Narelle is responsible for the development and implementation of HR initiatives across the company’s 16 local markets.

Zoë Lawrence

Regional Director, Marketing & Communications, Asia Pacific

Zoë leads marketing and communications in APAC.