Kuala Lumpur: 23 September 2014 – Latest research findings from TNS show constant connectivity and digital media have enabled Malaysians to leap-frog to be one of the most socially engaged markets in the world. According to findings from TNS’s Connected Life study released today, over three fifths (62%) of Internet users in Malaysia access social media networks daily, compared to 42% globally, whilst 52% use instant messaging every day.

For over a third of Internet users in Malaysia, the screen of their mobile phone is the first face they see in the morning; 35% of Internet users in Malaysia reach for their mobile phone before they even get out of bed, whilst a similar number (34%) use their phone in bed before they go to sleep.

This phone usage contributes to the 4.5 hours of leisure time Internet users in Malaysia spend online every day. Much of this screen time is spent in staying more connected. And whilst almost three fifths (59%) admit to spending a lot of their time on social media, email is still an important channel, with over 58% sending personal emails on a daily basis.

Facebook is by far the most popular application, with almost half of Malaysian Internet users identifying it as their favourite social platform (48%) and 88% visiting the site weekly. WhatsApp is not far behind for weekly use, at 72% of Malaysian Internet users, however it’s the favourite platform for just one fifth of the population (19%).

And whilst Malaysian Internet users may have their favourite platforms, they do use a wide range of different services to stay connected – far more than is seen globally.


Platform Weekly users - Malaysia (%) Weekly users - global %
Facebook 88 47
YouTube 76 35
WhatsApp 72 22
Facebook Messenger 71 28
WeChat 61 30
Google + 52 28
Line 43 10
Instagram 36 11
Skype 36 15
Twitter 30 16
Yahoo! Messenger 30 12
Viber 21 7
LinkedIn 16 6
Tumblr 16 6
Snapchat 12 5


Whilst digital devices are never far away, Malaysian Internet users do still engage with traditional media. They watch just under an hour and twenty minutes of TV every day, primarily during the evening when a quarter of Internet users will turn on the set.

“Our study has shown that Internet users in Malaysia are amongst the most attached to their digital devices of everyone we studied,” says Joe Webb, Head of Digital, APAC, TNS. He continues, “We’ve been hearing about the declining influence of traditional media for some time and the extent to which social media and digital devices have taken hold in Malaysia really shows this to be true. However, with traditional media continuing to play a role at particular times of day –TV in the early evening at dinner time, for example - there’s an opportunity for brands to truly integrate their marketing like never before. ”

Going online for entertainment is also popular in Malaysia, with almost half (47%) of Internet users streaming music or radio every week, 62% watching on-demand video and 44% watching paid TV or movies online every week.

Joe concludes, “Internet users in Malaysia are hungry for content and conversations. We’re seeing high levels of engagement with content and a desire to stay connected with friends and family. So whilst the medium has changed, the motivations haven’t. There’s a strong opportunity for the media owners that really understand these behaviours.”

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